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​For emergency plumbing assistance in the Crowborough region, reach out to Bennix Plumbing, and we will dispatch someone immediately.


Throughout the county, we provide dedicated plumbers who can resolve your issues.​ Broken boiler? Blocked loo? We handle all the plumbing concerns around.


Our suggestion is don't hesitate before giving us a ring, or the issue might get worse and more expensive. We take pride in the knowledge that we handle commercial properties in addition to residential houses.

​Check out our client reviews to learn why we are regarded as the top plumber in Went Kent. We blend professional competence with a friendly, can-do approach and offer clear reasonable pricing.

​Perhaps you would like to speak about installing a new bathroom. Or maybe annual service is due. Or, just possibly, you're in immediate need of a plumber.


Whatever your plumbing concerns in Crowborough, call or email Bennix.

Give us a call at 07947669494.