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If you need an emergency plumber in the Kent region, contact Bennix Plumbing and we'll get someone out right away. We have specialist plumbers across the county whose is to fix your issue.

Broken boiler? Blocked Toilet? We deal with all the plumbing problems you can think of. We'd advise you don't wait too long before calling us, or the issue could get worse and more costly. We have a proud record of servicing commercial premises as well as residential.


Read our customer testimonials and see how we are regarded as the best plumber in Kent. We combine technical expertise with a positive attitude and transparent, affordable billing.


Maybe you'd like to discuss installing a new bathroom. Perhaps there's some annual servicing due. Maybe you need a plumber immediately. For all your plumbing problems in Kent, telephone or e-mail Bennix.

Call us on 07947669494.